About WVT

WVT is an NGO for (social) welfare work with the aim to prevent social exclusion for various
age groups and to stimulate and organize activities focusing on the welfare of the local
community. WVT provides educational, recreational, cultural and sportive activities in
addition to tutoring services and prevention activities for various age groups.

WVT has approximately 3500 members and welcomes about 1500 visitors every week.
To enable all the activities,
WVT works with approximately 250 local volunteers, 29 free-lance teachers,
1 caretaker and 2 assistants for maintenance and cleaning,
1 activity leader, 1 social worker / adviser and 1 managing director.
WVT is situated in the municipality of De Bilt. De Bilt offers a lot of recreational
opportunities as it is located next to the forest.
The nearest big city is Utrecht (20 minutes by bike or bus, 15 minutes by train)
where you find lots of pubs, theaters, cinemas, musea, shops, clubs etc.
From Utrecht you can travel to Amsterdam by train in under half an hour.

Would you like to be part of the activities as international volunteer? Come and join

Responsibilities: These are the activities you should take part and responsibility during
your experience here.

Do you like to work with the children? These are the ones you can help and enjoy;

● Cooking lessons for children: You can take care of children and help them during
the preparation and cooking. After the class we need your help to clean the kitchen.
Besides these you can taste typical Dutch food and we hope you can have fun with
the children.
● Kidsdisco: Every month there is different theme and dress code and if you want to
follow it is much more fun. You can work young, big voluntary team. Before the disco,
you can help for stage setting and scenery. During the disco we need to be sure the
children are safe and having fun. After the disco you can help to clean and
● Children holiday week: Every year in July up to 400 children will be entertained in
and around the WVT building during five days.Do you have a good communication skills?

Do you enjoy to work in a big team? These are for you;

● Bazaar: Every year we organise bazaar and flea market. There are some teams
work with the clothes, books, music, electronics etc. You can help to collect stuff from
the neighbourhood and assort them as categories. You can help to sell them and clean
up the mess aft-er the bazaar. Also if you are into handicrafts you can make your
products and have a stand and sell them.
● Art exhibition. In the two final weeks of the year we organize an art exhibition
(paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography etc.) with 40 artists.
The exhibition is visited by approximately 1500 visitors (for free).
Volunteers build up the exhibition area.
● Book fair and plant fair (once every year).
● Meals for elderly people: Every month there are dinners are given by the volunteers
for elderly people. The purpose is to bring the people close together with the good
food. You can help for setting the tables, serving foods and after the dinner cleaning
● Also you can take pictures from the activities or help with publicity or you can give some new,
young ideas to improvement. It is up to you and your qualifications.

Besides all these you can work in the other organizations we cooperate with.
Reinaerde de Schaapskooi: There is a farm in the neighbourhood. You can see a
playground for children, farm animals and tea house in there. The team is small and
friendly. They help handicapped people. If you like animals and farm life and have
good communication with the people, you can help them once or twice a week.
School: It is possible to participate at an anthroposofical school with various age groups.

Participation: These are the activities you can choose some of them and participate.
● Karate
● Judo
● Jiu-Jitsu
● Tennis
● Biodanza
● Jazz Dance
● Salsa
● Repair Cafe
● Yoga
● Mindfulness

European Voluntary Service
EVS is an EU-sponsored program that offers young adults the opportunity to work and live abroad up to a year. WVT participates in this program and as a result we frequently host volunteers from all over Europe. Currently Pelin from Turkey is with us from september 2017 until july of 2018. Read her impressions below:

“Time flies. Almost 6 months have passed and I do not know how. Most of the time life is really good in here for me but sometimes not that easy going, as everywhere I guess. You may have some problems at home, at work, in your social life. Maybe sometimes you get bad news from your country. Then you try to deal with everything in the best way and I guess the best way to deal with the life is to remember everything is temporary. All of us. All the most important things and all the little things. We should take our time, enjoy the moment and keep going to do our bests. I am trying. On one hand, I have some conflicts while on the other I still enjoy my Evs experience.

I am happy that I continue to do yoga and meditation. Every Monday afternoon I attend the course in WVT and every time I feel relaxed and do more practice at home now. It always helps. Also take a walk through the beautiful Netherlands landscapes always works. By the way, the weather is really funny here. Sometimes I can see a couple of seasons on the same day. Crazy. You can open your eyes to a gray, very cold and rainy day than just 2 hours later you can see the beautiful blue sky and the sun. In this season, of course, it is cold and rainy most of the time but it is always nice to see blue sky. I am waiting for spring and summer. I hope I can walk through the cities more and chill out on the grass.

I will talk about work; Smulpret is still going on, now with the new chef Pauline and me. We have decided also some Turkish dishes and we have already cooked one and the kids liked it! While talking about the food, Et Es Mee is continued with the new team. I have not had a chance to work with them yet, but I have met with the team, they all seem nice.

By the way, I guess Dutch people generally do not eat spicy and hot food. Proven by the experience. 🙂

Before the new year, I worked for the art exhibition. The walls were set up by the team and we, some volunteers painted them. It was really fun actually except my toothache. I had a surgery, it was super annoying and now I am super happy the all pain is gone. Anyway, every year there are different artist exhibit own works in here. I had a chance to meet the artist that I like her works. She is so nice. She uses ink for her paintings and they are mostly abstract and, really beautiful. I have impressed.

I have to say that when the Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands in November you should see the children. Little ones still believe and wait for him and they are super cute. 🙂 That Saturday we celebrated the arriving of the Sinterklaas to WVT with the children. They were singing, dancing and running around. And they had some wishes from Sinterklaas of course.

It worths to see here in Christmas and new year time. You can find several little winter fests and markets around in the Netherlands. Concerts, hot wines, and olieballen are super nice. Lekker!  And it was fun to spend New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam with the friends. 🙂

The arrival of the new year brought some joy and new responsibilities. I have started to work with the Syrian immigrant kids in the language class every Monday. Sometimes we do some practices together or sometimes we play some memory game or running around on the playground in this Holland cold!  They are super cute and lovely. My Dutch is still not good but anyway I can communicate with them. So far so good.

To be honest learning Dutch is much more difficult than I thought. Maybe if I continue regular language course it would be different but with the only OLS or language apps and some support from locals- thanks to them!-  is impossible for me. I need much more time maybe I do not know.

End of the January I had second Evs training in Den Haag. We have discovered Den Haag and Rotterdam a bit. I noticed I missed my Evs friends. We did city safari through Rotterdam. I have met really beautiful people from 2 different projects in Rotterdam. There are many immigrants live in Rotterdam and the projects mostly related to this subject. They do great things in solidarity with each other. I have impressed. Now I have contact with them and I want to visit there again, definitely.

My last couple of months have passed like this, more or less. I have still 5 more months and I am excited and curious about that. Time will tell me.” 🙂




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